• Where do i position the adjustable feet.?

    The ideal position is a set back from the front of the cabinet 50mm. This will need to be adjusted for different depth cabinets for example pantries and wallovens along the same line. In this instance keep a uniform distance from the back of the cabinet so the kickboard remains in the same line.

  • How do i fit the kickface to the kickboard?

    Once your kick boards are level, simply fit the kickface to the front of the feet using silicone, you can also fit a screw down into the top edge of the kickboard through the base of the cabinet.

  • There is no screws for my hinges.

    The hinge itself requires no screws for fixing to the door, it is simply fitted into the holes in the door and the inserta flap pushed down, there is a small slot on the inside of the flap, if this is lifted the hinge will be able to be released.